Run With The Power Of The Breath

Breathe Light, Stride With Power, Run With Ease

If you struggle with your breathing this specialist programme will help you run more, run better, and just make running more fun and rewarding.

You'll learn a unique breath-centric approach to your practice. Breath is often just left to chance in other trainings but we know that it is the foundation of efficient movement.

"If breathing is not normalized, no other movement pattern can be."  Karel Lewit

Work on Breath Gears and biomechanicsstructure and flow; intentional practice; and 80/20 training to help you breath easier, run with less effort, stride with power, and generate more energy.

Designed and delivered by Master Oxygen Advantage Coach, Gray Caws.


Invest £280 and get access to

  • Live online sessions9 hours of live online small-group sessions over 6 weekends*
  • Run With Ease, Optimise Your Breathing: Permanent access to 2 x online courses, including session  playbacks, exercise videos and other useful training materials.
  • Private Facebook Group: Access to the AIM Virtual Studio private Facebook Group


PLIUS a special BONUS

  • 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching phone call + invitation to live workshop in London with Coach Gray

Next Course Starts

The programme runs for 6 weekends 10-11:30 am (8, 15, 22 May) and 2-3:30 pm (29 May, 5, 19 June)









"You turned every exercise into a learning experience that was fun to do. You’re an excellent coach: relaxed, patient, blending sharp observation with empathy."

Theo Tamis
Project Manager

Whatever level you may be at as a runner there are times when you feel it’s a real struggle; a chore even.

Perhaps you are stuck in a rut and not sure how you can improve? You know you love running but you lack motivation.

I say this because even after 20 or so years as a runner and over 10 of those coaching runners, this is a place I often find myself.

Now I can share with you what I have used to overcome these feelings

What I’ve found is that there is no quick-fix. No one ‘technique’ can solve your problems. Nor is a one-off workshop often enough for most people.

That’s why I’ve developed this 6-week programme.

Delivered live online over 6 Saturday's, you’ll get a mix or practical exercises, that you can easily do in your own home, and science-based tutorials.

Between each session you get to practice, journal, explore, and experiment. Then at our next session you can share with the group and get feedback.

As a special bonus you’ll also get 2 x 30-minute 121 coaching calls with me to help support you after the programme.

I like to think of this as a blueprint on which you can build confidence, feel better in your movement, and together we can devise a practical training plan that works for you.

I will show you how as simple focuses such as intention and awareness alone can help you breathe more efficiently, run with ease, more power, and most importantly enjoy your running

This programme is unlike any other running programme as far as I’m aware as it starts with focus on the breath...


Breathing Is Everything

If you want to run more and run better, then you need to learn and understand functional breathing – not just when running but in everyday life.

You’ll never be able reach your full potential, if you have poor breathing habits and inefficient breathing. 

One of the most common breathing mistakes I see with some runners is that they actually breathe too much air. They breathe hard and heavy. 

Contrary to what you might think this can actually reduce the amount of oxygen being delivered to your muscles and can also be damaging to your body, and mind!

When you lose control of the breath, you have little control over movement. The best runners throughout the decades have used the power of the breath to make history – this programme is unique in the sense that it sets out to explain the basic foundations of functional breathing, before you even take a stride. 

You too can master breathing and run at your best!

Explore & Learn

This programme is not one that focuses on one-size-fits-all techniques where I tell you how to run or workout – but rather, I’ll guide you through the practices required to regulate breathing, strengthen the structure of your body, and focus your mind. 

This will directly allow you more ease of movement, better flow of energy, and more power with every stride you take.

Enjoy The Process

The programme takes a simple principled approach. You’ll practice everything from breathwork to balance and flow exercises.

You’ll understand how mindset and visualising will make your practice far more focused, meaningful and enjoyable than it has ever been.

Feel Your Transformation

When you successfully conclude the programme, you’ll have a keen understanding and awareness around the key principles which form the foundations of efficient breathing and movement. 

You’ll be far more focused, clear-headed, motivated and relaxed as you head out for each run. 

You’ll breathe better while running, run more, run with ease, have improved fitness and understand what it means to channel strength and power through relaxation

All of this combined will make you a far more efficient runner and with a significantly reduced risk of getting injured – because you’ll have full control over your breathing and form. 

This is how running is meant to be – healthy, fun, rewarding and enjoyable. 

I invite you to join me on the programme where I'll help you build confidence and commitment and guide you to a great place within yourself!

Happy running!


Gray Caws

Founder & Head Coach

If you're like me then you love nothing better than to get outside and explore.

I find that if I need a bit of a motivational boost; to get that feeling of true contentment, then to be outdoors running, walking, playing is where I need to be. 

I believe that true health and vitality is nourished by focusing your mind, listening to your body. This allows you to tap into your natural, intuitive flow of breath, energy, and movement. 

I’m a personal trainer with over 10-years coaching experience, running coach, and breathworker with a master certification in the Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko methods. 

I’m also a ‘soon-to-be’ teacher of Qi Gong, training with Lee Holden and enjoying the mentorship of Dr Larry Cammarata.

Gray Caws

"This time last year I was unable to run any more than two miles without knee pain. I attended a workshop run by Gray at the end of September last year. It completely re-ignited my love for running. As a resulted I completed the London Marathon this year. This has been a dream of mine since the very first one. Whenever I here from people struggling with various niggles from running I always recommend they check out Gray. Thank you. "

Gary Campbell

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 6 x live online small group workshops (9 hrs in total)
  • 2 x online courses: Run With Ease and Optimise Your Breathing
  • Permanent access to the online membership area with playbacks from all classes, additional video lessons, training manual, and exercise videos 
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Certificate of completion plus 9 AIM CPD points
  • PLUS a special bonus of a 30-minute 121 coaching call and in-person workshop in London*

*In accordance with current UK government guidelines 

  • Improved running economy
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved functional breathing 
  • Reduced breathlessness when exercising
  • Improved fitness
  • Increased energy
  • Better balance and posture
  • Improved sports performance
  • Improved mental focus, and concentration

You’ll learn how to develop your running skill and create a life-long programme for fitness, health and general well-being.

The programme is suitable for any age, fitness level, walkers and runners of all abilities from complete beginners to seasoned marathoners and triathletes.

Tuition and practice:

  • Structural alignment, relaxation, and balance practice
  • Functional breathing exercises 
  • Smooth transition from walk to run
  • Full-body flow practice
  • Increased power through elastic energy of the body
  • Increased speed through relaxation
  • Mental focus and body awareness
  • Individual video analysis
  • Advice on 80/20 training programmes

Run With The Power Of The Breath

Breathe Light, Stride With Power, Run With Ease


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