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Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 8-8:30 am (London Time)

Whatever your age or fitness level, enjoy practical, effective breathwork, and functional movement.

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Your Coach Gray Caws

This training will feature Gray’s extensive knowledge and experience with functional movement and Oxygen Advantage breathwork in a format that will be accessible to everyone. With the understanding that, “If breathing is not normalized, no other movement pattern can be (Karel Lewit)”, you will explore the physiology and biomechanics of breathing, which are integral to health, wellbeing, and vitality. These teachings will be put into practice through playful functional movement, pandiculation (gentle stretching), strength work, and simple qigong (mindful movement) patterns specifically designed for everyday life – walking, hiking, and running with ease rather than effort.


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"Thanks so much for the class this morning. I woke up grumpy and more inclined to stick my head under the duvet than sign into Zoom. But I did. And I am very glad I did. I went straight out after your class and did my second-to-last run in the Couch to 5k programme – which means I ran for 30 minutes. I haven't run for a couple of weeks for some irritating reasons so I should probably have gone back a week or so. But I went with the intention of enjoying myself and just seeing how I would get on. And I ran the full half hour and found it both easier and more fun than my last few runs. What a great start to the day. Thank you!"

Clancy Gebler Davis
Freelance Photographer

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