Breathe. Balance. Move.

Bi-Weekly Live Online Functional Movement And Breathwork Classes With Gray Caws.

Tuesday & Thursday mornings 8-8:30 am (London Time)

Stop exercising, start exploring how to breathe and move with more ease

If you've ever struggled with exercise, feel like you can't keep up because you get out of breath or you simply don't enjoy it. These classes could be the perfect fit for you.

These classes are suitable for any age and fitness level.  

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Get Fitter And Stronger

Work on fundamental functional movements for life such as squats, lunges, pushes, pulls, and rotations.

Better Clarity And Awareness

Combining slow, deep breathing with movement helps to regulate the autonomic nervous system bringing many neurological benefits. 

A Sense Of Purpose

Bring a sense of purpose to your practice. Understand the benefits and enjoy the time and space you give to yourself at each class. Share with like-minded people through the online community.

Thanks so much for the class this morning. I woke up grumpy and more inclined to stick my head under the duvet than sign into Zoom.

But I did. And I am very glad I did.

I went straight out after your class and did my second-to-last run in the Couch to 5k programme.

I haven't run for a couple of weeks so I should probably have gone back a week or so. But I went with the intention of enjoying myself and just seeing how I would get on. And I ran the full half hour and found it both easier and more fun than my last few runs.

What a great start to the day.

Thank you!

Clancy Gebler Davies
Freelance Photographer

Breathe. Balance. Move.

Get fitter and stronger, move easier, breathe better and think clearer.

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BONUS AUDIO: Get yourself comfy and take 10 minutes out

  • Find a comfortable spot where you won't be disturbed
  • Still tall, but not rigid
  • Play the audio and let your self escape the life's every-day stresses